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ISRS Ecological Awareness

Aims and Objectives

Environmental issues gain more and more importance. This is a massive trend.
At the ISRS HQ Secretariat (myEventOnline - MCO Group), we collaborate to support an environmentally friendly approach and focus on green standard practices in order to reduce the volume of waste material.

We implement this economisation in compliance with the principle of the 3 R’s: Reduce - Re-use & Recycle. This demonstrates our organisation’s environmental awareness in several areas:

Administrative Activity

  • Maximise internal and external electronic communication
  • Maximise electronic archives and access to data
  • Use environmentally-friendly products like staples, binders, etc. 
  • Utilise recycling paper
  • Minimise printing
  • Print and copy two-sided
  • Re-use all office equipment

Event Operation

  • Publish all event information online: programme, registration, hotel booking
  • Use online registration systems
  • Offer certified eco-friendly and recyclable products: paper, badges and other delegates’ material
  • Choose suppliers that are sensitive to environmental issues to the same degree
  • Encourage caterers to use recyclable cups, cutlery and dishes

Office Matters

  • Recycle waste such as plastic, glass, paper and residual waste
  • Provide beverages in recyclable bottles
  • Eliminate the use of disposable items
  • Order from local food suppliers

Meetings and Transportation

  • Using car pools whenever possible and always when attending external meetings
  • Choose hotels within walking distance of the venue
  • Reduce shuttles

Through implementing several ecologically friendly and conserving initiatives, we are pleased to make a significant team contribution to the environment.