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ISRS Welcomes the Latvian Therapeutical Radiology Association (LTRA)

 March 06, 2018

We are proud to announce that Latvian Therapeutical Radiology Association (LTRA) members have now joined the ISRS as affiliated members.

LTRA was established in 2007. To date, there are 22 members in the society. All members are radiation-oncologists in Latvia. Six of them are also ISRS members, and working in radiosurgery field.

There are currently two radiosurgery equipments in Latvia including Cyberknife M6 (Sigulda 2015) and Novalis Tx (Riga 2009) machines. In 2017, 150 patients where treated with radiosurgery.

Every year (3-4 times/ year), the society organizes meetings, where important themes and questions in the radiotheraphy field are discussed. LTRA members are also taking part in international courses and meetings on the field.


Following a new initiative to revitalize the Society, ISRS invites Regional/ Local Radiosurgery Societies and its members to actively participate in the society.

For more information, you may contact ISRS Secretarial Support: 

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