The Board of Directors appoints, from among its Active Members, committees which contribute to the function of the ISRS by implementing annual activities to fulfill the organization’s mission. Regular reports by the committees are provided for review by officers of the Society.


    Administers all ISRS awards including all awards related to the biennial congress as well as the Lars Leksell Radiosurgery Fellowship, observerships and travel grants.

    Chair: Arjun Sahgal (Vice President)
    Members: Laura Fariselli (Past President), Marc Levivier (President), Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio), Jason Sheehan (Secretary)


    Ensures that the bylaws are legally compliant and reflect the activities of the Society.

    Chair: Jason Sheehan (Secretary)
    Member: Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio)


    Develops and administers the ISRS certification service to improve the quality of SRS delivery around the world through auditing and recognizing centres that demonstrate best practice in terms of patient selection, treatment planning, dosimetry and patient care.

    Chair: Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio), Marc Levivier (President)
    Members: Hyun Tai Chung, Laura Fariselli (Past President), Matthew Foote, Caroline Chung, Patrick Hanssens (Ex-Officio)


    Manages the content and quality of all print and online communications including the website, newsletters, eblasts and social media.  The committee also liaises with the publisher of the Journal of SRS & SBRT and provides regular updates in the journal.

    Chairs: Publications:  Laura Fariselli (Past President), John Suh, Social Media:  Caroline Chung, Constantin Tuleasca
    Members: Yoshiyasu Iwai, Sam Ryu (Ex-officio, ISRS Journal), Kita Sallabanda


    Organizes and implements the ISRS Biennial Congress as the premiere forum for scientific information related to the field of focused radiation.

    Chairs: Laura Fariselli (Past President, Congress Chair), Marc Levivier (President)
    Members: Yoshiyasu Iwai, Chung Ping Yu, Hyun-Tai Chung


    Secures financial and other support to enable the ISRS to implement its educational programs, research initiatives and scientific congresses in fulfillment of its mission.

    Chair: Arjun Sahgal (Vice President)


    Disseminates best practices in SRS/SRT worldwide through an Educational Program with regular organization of the educational courses in collaboration with host institutions and /or national professional associations.

    Chair: Mikhail Chernov (Ex-Officio)
    Local Representatives: Vladislav Buryk (East Europe), Caroline Chung (North America), Laura Fariselli (West Europe), Matthew Foote (Australia and Oceania), Alessandra Gorgulho (Latin America), Chung Ping Yu (Asia), Wael Reda (Africa and Middle East)
    Members: Jozsef Dobai, Andrey Golanov, Pavel Ivanov, Roberto Martinez-Alvarez, Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio), Constantin Tulesca, Nikolay Vorobyov, EnMin Wang, Irina Zubatkina


    Intra-cranial committee: Sahgal A (Chair), Gorgulho A, Levivier M, Paddick I, Ma L, Fariselli L, Sheehan J, Suh J, Yomo S, Regis J, Pollack B, Kotecha R (Co-Chair)

    Extra-Cranial committee: A Sahgal (Chair), Lo S, Slotman B, Kim M, Tree A, Guckenberger M, Scorsetti M, Kotecha R, Louie A (Co-Chair)


    Maintains the optimal number and composition of members to ensure attainment of the Society’s mission. Defines the membership program to ensure value is provided to members.

    Chairs:  Alessandra Gorgulho, Yoshiyasu Iwai
    Member: Matthew Foote


    Ensures the Board comprises committed, respected and experienced individuals representing all SRS/SRT subspecialties and major geographic regions.

    Chair: Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio)
    Members: Marc Levivier (President), Arjun Sahgal (Vice President), Jason Sheehan (Secretary), Laura Fariselli (Past President)


    Identifies research opportunities under the ISRS umbrella, initiates international research collaborations and forms working groups.  This committee is also responsible for the Guidelines Project which develops and publishes clinical practice guidelines.

    Chairs: Jason Sheehan (Secretary), John Suh, Marc Levivier (President)
    Members:  Arjun Sahgal (Guidelines Project) Matthew Foote, Māris Mežeckis (ISRS Working Group on Prostate Radiosurgery)


    Provides education through a regular program of timely and relevant webinars presented by luminary international experts tailored to the needs and interests of subspecialty practitioners. 

    Chairs: Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio), Arjun Sahgal (Vice President)
    Member: Constantin Tuleasca, Alessandra Gorgulho