Accreditation Service

The ISRS is committed to raising the level of quality of SRS treatment delivery around the world and promoting the highest levels of clinical expertise. Our Accreditation Service aims to recognise centres that demonstrate best practice in terms of patient selection, treatment planning, dosimetry and patient care in intracranial SRS.

This service is equally suited to experienced centres or those that are starting to treat for the first time and would benefit from an external audit.

The accreditation process firstly involves the completion of a pre-visit questionnaire which enables the Accreditation Team to gain a good understanding of the equipment and practices at the centre. This is then followed up with a two-day visit by an expert physicist who performs a comprehensive audit of the centre in terms of practices, as well as a physical dosimetry audit. Remote support by an expert SRS physician via video conferencing is also provided.

Centres that pass the accreditation process will be able to use the prestigious ‘ISRS Accredited’ certification stamp for a period of three years from the date of award. A streamlined process for re-certification will available.

For centres interested in more information about the accreditation process including cost, please contact the ISRS Secretariat