ISRS Certification

The ISRS is committed to raising the level of quality of SRS treatment delivery around the world and promoting the highest levels of clinical expertise. Our Certification Service aims to recognise centers that demonstrate best practice in terms of patient selection, treatment planning, dosimetry and patient care in intracranial SRS.

This service is equally suited to experienced centers or those that are starting to treat for the first time and would benefit from an external audit.

The certification process firstly involves the completion of a pre-visit questionnaire which enables the Certification Team to gain a good understanding of the equipment and practices at the center. This is followed up with a two-day visit by an expert physicist who performs a comprehensive audit of the center in terms of practices, as well as a physical dosimetry audit. Remote support by an expert SRS physician, via video conferencing, is also provided.

Centres that pass the certification process will be able to use the prestigious ‘ISRS Certified’ certification stamp for a period of three years from the date of award. A streamlined process for re-certification will available.

For centres interested in more information about the certification process including cost, please contact us at

Questions and Answers

Why should my center become certified?

Even the best SRS centers can benefit from an independent external assessment. External dosimetrical audits are now strongly recommended, or even mandatory in some countries, and the End-to-End testing included with this service satisfies this requirement. In a competitive environment a certified center is able to demonstrate that their commitment to the highest standards has been recognised by the ISRS. Some clinicians are keen to enter their center to the certification process in order to push through improvements that they keen to implement.

What if my center fails the certification process?

Our list of standards allows the center to judge whether they are ready for certification. The pre-visit questionnaire enables the ISRS Certification Team to evaluate the centers practices and identify any potential issues. In the event we anticipate a problem, we will work with the center to help them raise their standards to the necessary level.

I’ve read the list of standards and I don’t think my SRS platform supports the criteria required.

The Certification Team have worked hard to create a list of standards that cover all SRS platforms. Please contact us if you believe that the standards exclude a particular platform.

How much does the process cost?

Please contact the ISRS secretariat for more information.

What happens after three years when the certificate expires?

Re-certification is a streamlined and reduced-cost process which, depending on the number of changes to the department since the last inspection, may require as little as a remote video conference and a postal dosimetry audit.

When will body radiosurgery be included?

This is a more complex area in terms of the range of disease sites and practices involved. We plan to introduce this service once the intracranial SRS certification programme is established.