Event Endorsement

ISRS endorsed event:

  1. Meeting (Congress, Conference, Course, Workshop, etc.) should have significant content related to SRS or SBRT.

  2. Attendance should be available to non-members of the particular sponsoring society.

  3. Content should not be specific to one vendor (i.e. a training course or similar for a particular vendor).

  4. Conflicts of interest should be disclosed by speakers and organizers.

Application process:

  1. Provide course syllabus, description, dates of event, target audience, location and sponsoring organization information preferably 6 months in advance of the event to ISRS for review.

  2. Provide responses to any additional questions from the ISRS that may arise regarding the course.

  3. CME or the like for the program should be disclosed as part of the application process.


  1. Announcement of meeting on ISRS website.

  2. Announcement of meeting on eblast to ISRS members.

  3. Use of 'ISRS endorsed event’ logo for promotional material provided that promotional material is provided, reviewed, and approved in writing by ISRS at least 2 weeks or more advance of distribution.


  1. The ISRS takes no responsibility for the content, delivery, organization, or finances of an ISRS recognized meeting.

  2. Recognition of a course by the ISRS may be terminated at any time and without cause if chosen to do so by the ISRS.

    For further information please contact our staff at secretariat@isrsy.org.

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