Fourth Scientific Meeting of the IRRF
Held in Collaboration with ISRS

DAY 1 - FRIDAY, JUNE 19 (8.00-17.40 EDT)

Session 1: Brain Metastases: Pushing the Boundaries
Higher Numbers of Tumors (Bernadine Donahue)
Larger Tumors, Multi-Session (Gene Barnett)
Repeat Radiosurgery for Failure (Arjun Sahgal)
Tumor Resection Bed Radiosurgery (Michael Schulder)
Oral Abstract Presentations
ISRS Update: 2021 Meeting (Matthew Foote)

Inaugural Dan Leksell Lecture
L. Dade Lunsford (Introduced by Gene Barnett)

Session 2: Brain Metastases: Radiosurgery, Medical Management, and Response Evaluation
Drug Therapies and Radiosurgery for Lung Cancer (Manmeet Ahluwalia)
SRS Registry Project (Ronald Warnick)
Understanding Response: Adverse Effects vs Tumor Progression (Joshua Silverman)
Medical Management of Adverse Radiation Effects (John Fiveash)
Surgical Management of Adverse Radiation Effects (Veronica Chiang)
Oral Abstract Presentations

Session 3: Benign Tumors: New Research Findings
Vestibular Schwannomas: Research Update (Doug Kondziolka)
Pituitary Tumors: Research Update (Jason Sheehan)
Multisession Radiosurgery: Techniques and Indications (Jonathan Knisely)
Oral Abstract Presentations

Session 4: Trigeminal Neuralgia and Radiobiology: New Research Findings
Dose Planning to Improve Trigeminal Neuralgia Outcomes (David Mathieu)
Is Trigeminal Radiosurgery for Drug Failure or Should it be Done Earlier? (Ajay Niranjan)
Current Physics Research: More Accurate, More Reliable? (Tanxia Qu)
Biologically Equivalent Dose (BED): Worthwhile or Practical? (Ian Paddick)
Towards the Optimal Dose Plan: What Parameters and Indices Actually Matter? (Dheerendra Prasad)
Dose Planning – New Software Concepts (Marc Levivier)
Oral Abstract Presentations


DAY 2 - SATURDAY, JUNE 20 (8.00-14.00 EDT)

ISRS Activities (Laura Fariselli)

Session 5: Vascular Malformations and Gliomas
Arteriovenous Malformations–Research from Multicenter Studies (CC Lee)
Techniques for Larger Volume AVMs (Hideyuki Kano)
Managing Adverse Effects of AVM Radiosurgery (Simon Lo) 

Current Indications and Outcomes for Glioma Radiosurgery (Erik Sulman)
Current Radiosurgery Research for “Other Tumors” (Anuj Goenka)
Oral Abstract Presentations

Session 6: Clinical Research Design: What are the Key Questions to Address?
Brain Metastases (John Suh)
Meningiomas (Michael McDermott)
Arteriovenous Malformations (Dale Ding)
Functional Disorders (Jean Régis)
Future Physics Research Concepts (Tanxia Qu)

Company Showcases (Non-CME)

Zap Surgical