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  • RT Safe

    National Brain Tumor Walk

    Brain Tumor Awareness Month is a few weeks away and we are thrilled to announce that RTsafe will be a part of the National Brain Tumor Walk & Race for Hope-DC. This meritorious, unparalleled, virtual event is organized by the National Brain Tumor Society aiming to support anyone who has been affected by a brain tumor.

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    HyperArc Helps Community-Based Hospital Radiosurgery Program Succeed in a Highly Competitive Market

    Collaboration between neurosurgeons and radiosurgery team contributes to success

    Varian’s HyperArc® high-definition radiosurgery, delivered on the Edge® platform, is helping the radiosurgery program at Good Samaritan, a 408-bed community hospital in West Islip, NY, succeed in the highly competitive New York City (NYC) area market. Good Samaritan Hospital is unique in that it is it one of only two treatment centers in the New England and mid-Atlantic regions to offer HyperArc on the Edge platform.

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  • Elekta

    ProKnow – the power of data to enhance patient care.

    Every clinic across the globe owns a universe of digital data. This is the manifestation of years of technological developments, including dynamic planning, multi-modality imaging and adaptive treatments. This data is one of the greatest assets a clinic can own, but without simple, intuitive solutions it remains locked away. ProKnow has been uniquely designed to address this.

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  • RT Safe

    Following the trends, adapting to the latest needs: Customized solutions for IGRT/SGRT system verification in SRS applications

    The role of patient monitoring during the dose delivery of any Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) application is of paramount importance and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Any potential deviation in the delivered high dose levels of radiation could lead to poor tumor control and severe complications to the surrounding normal tissue. Therefore, accurate and precise patient positioning on the treatment couch and patient monitoring during the dose delivery of a single fraction or hypo-fractionated SRS applications are mandatory. 

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    Long-Term Results from SABR-COMET Study Further Demonstrate Effectiveness of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Metastatic Cancer

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    Target Tracking with Automatic, Real-time Motion, Synchronization Technology

    Over 15 years ago, Accuray revolutionized tumor and patient motion management with Synchrony® a suite of technologies that allows seamless adaption to target and patient motion in real-time during treatment delivery for the Cyberknife® System.

    Synchrony is now available for the Radixact® System, adapted to dynamic TomoHelical™ treatment delivery.

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  • Varian

    Intermountain Radiation Oncology Puts Patient Safety Front and Center with IDENTIFY

    The IDENTIFY™ system from Varian helps ensure that patients gets the treatment meant for them—from patient check-in through setup and treatment.  The system integrates within the standard workflow of patient identification, CT acquisition, accessory and patient setup and treatment delivery, helping to minimize treatment variables and reducing opportunities for error.

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  • Elekta

    Elekta December 2020

    In 2020, Elekta has developed and rolled out key technologies that will be instrumental in making modern intracranial radiosurgery even more accessible, personalized and automated. 

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  • RT Safe (Physicians)

    Special offer for the ISRS members

    RTsafe is a medical innovator that has developed a unique approach towards a truly personalized patient treatment verification. With this solution the safety and accuracy of complex radiotherapy for Brain Cancer and other brain neurological disorders such as Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vestibular Schwannoma, Meningioma can be significantly enhanced.

    Find out how you can evaluate the dose distribution in these challenging treatments, by comparing directly the anatomical MR-images of the patient, with the TPS calculated dose and MR-images of the actually delivered dose (see below image).

    Considering the difficulties that the healthcare professionals have to overcome daily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the limited budget of the departments at the year-end, we are providing a significant discount on the PseudoPatient solution, valid until the end of 2020, especially preserved for the ISRS members.

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  • RT Safe (Medical Physicist)

    Special offer for the ISRS members

    At RTsafe we believe that modern radiotherapy challenges require innovative solutions. Prime phantom accompanied by remote dosimetry services meets modern trends and covers major gaps in SRS Machine QA.

    Considering the difficulties that the healthcare professionals have to overcome daily due to COVID-19 pandemic and the limited budget of the departments at the year-end, we are providing a significant discount on our Machine QA solutions, valid until the end of 2020, especially preserved for the ISRS members.

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    New Book Offers CyberKnife® NeuroRadiosurgery Insights

    Evidence-backed treatment techniques and best practices from top researchers and practitioners CyberKnife® NeuroRadiosurgery Insights

    CyberKnife® NeuroRadiosurgery is a comprehensive practical guide based on real-world clinical experiences — backed by tables, summaries and analysis — that sheds light on potential treatment approaches and associated risks of neuroradiosurgery.

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    Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning A simple solution for accelerated radiosurgery

    As the demand for SRS and SBRT grows, Elekta is committed to providing precision radiation, medicine to all patients around the world. By offering advanced, personalized and accessible treatments, Elekta continues to push the boundaries of stereotactic excellence and provide solutions that meet the clinical needs of today and tomorrow.

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    Prime phantom and remote dosimetry services: A combination for advanced QA in SRS

    Gamma Knife End-to-End verification

    Gamma Knife radiosurgery is considered as the best treatment choice for all types of brain lesions (malignant or benign) and functional disorders of the brain. The introduction of the latest Gamma Knife treatment system, the Leksell Gamma Knife® IconTM, has extended the treatment options that Gamma Knife offers to single or hypo-fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) treatments, using a stereotactic frame or a frameless thermoplastic mask, and can treat small or larger tumor volumes. A cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and a high-definition motion management system have been integrated allowing for frameless patient positioning and monitoring. Treatment Planning System is performed by Leksell GammaPlan® which includes the commonly used Tissue-Maximum-Ratio (TMR) and the recently introduced Convolution algorithms. The Convolution algorithm is based on a combination of the collapsed cone convolution and the pencil beam convolution offering a dose engine specifically designed for the calculation of the deposited dose in heterogeneous tissues.           

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    Studies Validate HyperArc® High-Definition Radiotherapy as a Valid Approach to SRS

    This material was excerpted from a longer article covering a broader range of studies.  You can access the full version online here:

    When a new treatment technology comes on the scene, clinicians naturally want to be assured that it meets or exceeds the performance of established and familiar ones. Since HyperArc® high-definition radiotherapy was introduced at ASTRO in 2016, at least 80 centers have delivered HyperArc treatments for thousands of patients. From those centers, at least 14 independently conducted studies have demonstrated that HyperArc can be used with confidence for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). HyperArc plans for delivery on Edge® or TrueBeam® systems are shown to be comparable to plans for other SRS approaches, often with significant benefits in delivery time.  

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    RTsafe provides powerful tools for SRS users

    ‘’At RTsafe, our scientific team creates personalized solutions that not only meet your current needs but also empower you to adopt new, innovative techniques with confidence.’’

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    RTsafe offers film dosimetry services free of charge during COVID-19 crisis period

    As a small token of gratitude to frontline health workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, RTsafe offers the Remote Film Dosimetry Service free of charge providing the fellow radiotherapy professionals with tangible support.

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    Cancer doesn't care about COVID-19: Maintaining cancer treatment regimens in times of crisis is our priority

    Long before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elekta was committed to innovating remote-access software solutions that help to ensure the safe and effective delivery of radiotherapy. These solutions include software systems as well as customer care and support services.

    Today, Elekta is leveraging these capabilities in new ways to help customers continue to provide optimum treatments to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted almost every aspect of healthcare, including radiation therapy.

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    Assistance for Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    At Varian, we know you are faced with numerous challenges as you continue to treat patients during this pandemic. You are dealing with demands such as new remote work environments, the need to reduce unnecessary onsite patient visits, staffing reductions, and the challenge of tracking COVID-19-positive patients.

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    Accuray supports its customers during COVID19

    During these difficult and trying times of the COVID19 pandemic, Accuray has come together with its customers to provide innovative ways to assist them to be able to continue to care for their cancer patients.

    As one initiative, Accuray’s Medical Affairs team is ready to provide customers with information regarding peer reviewed, published clinical literature. While its customers may be experiencing staff disruptions and shortages in qualified clinical staff, Accuray provides remote product training and clinical application’s support, a benefit of Accuray’s service agreements, to quickly train and educate new users.

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  • Elekta news October 2019

    As the demand and ambition for SRS and SBRT grow, Elekta is dedicated to make advanced treatments more personalized, operationally efficient and accessible to all patients around the world.
    Elekta continues to push the boundaries of stereotactic treatment and provide solutions that meet the clinical needs of today and tomorrow.

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  • Varian news October 2019

    Tracking Tumors with Calypso at The University Of Kansas Cancer Center: “Like Working In The Light”

    When the University of Kansas Cancer Center (KUCC) acquired a linear accelerator in 2013, Habeeb Saleh, Ph.D., DABR, the center’s chief of medical physics, requested that the purchase include Calypso™ technology for soft tissue stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT). His colleague, Zachary Collins, M.D., also advocated for Calypso based on its growing word-of-mouth reputation and reported advantages for tumor tracking.

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  • RTsafe news October 2019

    End-to-end spatial accuracy of single-isocenter linac-based SRS for multiple brain metastases: An experimental 3D dose verification study using RTsafe´s PseudoPatientTM technology.

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  • RTSAFE NEWS December 2018

    Hygeia Hospital Adopts RTsafe Technology to Enhance Patient-specific Safety in Brain Cancer Radiotherapy

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