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Cancer doesn't care about COVID-19: Maintaining cancer treatment regimens in times of crisis is our priority

Long before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elekta was committed to innovating remote-access software solutions that help to ensure the safe and effective delivery of radiotherapy. These solutions include software systems as well as customer care and support services.

Today, Elekta is leveraging these capabilities in new ways to help customers continue to provide optimum treatments to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted almost every aspect of healthcare, including radiation therapy.

To achieve this objective, Elekta is implementing various initiatives around his Treatment planning solutions and Oncology information system:

The global challenge of radiotherapy during COVID-19

The delivery of safe and effective radiotherapy is a team effort that requires collaboration among medical physicists, physicians and radiation therapists.

This can be a complex process under the best of circumstances, and it becomes even more challenging as country-specific guidelines and restrictions in response to COVID-19 minimize the number of personnel who can be on site in radiotherapy departments. Yet without precise and accurate treatment planning, potential life-saving radiation therapy cannot be delivered to patients who need it.

Bringing deep-seated expertise to bear during unprecedented times

Elekta is a leader in treatment planning software, including Monaco and ProKnow. Monaco is enabled for remote access and ProKnow is a cloud-based system, so clinicians can perform remote contouring activities if they are physically absent from their usual workplaces.

ProKnow offers unique capabilities to manage data for all radiotherapy modalities and vendors, including:

  • The ability to store, navigate and retrieve radiation therapy data in a scalable cloud-based framework that works across all imaging, planning and treatment modalities and is available 24x7 regardless of staff location.
  • Making it easy for a multi-disciplinary team, or distributed staff in cancer networks, to review contours, treatment design and plan quality from any location
  • Standardizes the quality of care by allowing users to analyze the results of their work against a backdrop of their patient population, leveraging large amounts of data currently in their procession.

Monaco is Elekta’s treatment planning solution that supports all major treatment modalities. It is renowned for the accuracy of the plans it generates that unlocks unique high-definition treatment capabilities. While these features can be game changing for the routine delivery of radiation therapy, they can be critical for care delivery during the pandemic.

Doing our part to support patients

Innovating novel radiation therapy solutions only matters if patients can benefit from our efforts. Being faithful to this mission during the pandemic demands that we apply our innovative capacity to finding new ways to ensure that patients can access safe and effective cancer therapy. We are taking a holistic approach to supporting customers during this crisis, which includes providing access to ProKnow and Monaco free for a minimum of 90 days.

The availability of these systems will support the clinical team as they develop optimized treatment plans, whether they are at their usual work sites or working from remote locations. This program supports cancer patients while also protecting the health of our customers’ dosimetrists and other treatment planning staff. We are pleased that we are able to support patients with cancer and those who help provide precision radiation medicine every day, even in times of crisis.

Click here to request temporary access.

*Commercial availability of ProKnow currently limited to countries that accept user documentation in English.

  • Initiative 2 : New Mosaiq Quick Guides to support during Covid 19

Our Elekta Oncology Informatics team is here to help you maximize your MOSAIQ workflows to adapt to new operational challenges.

We released MOSAIQ Quick Guides for you to easily reference useful, compact tips. For instance, does your clinic need to:

  • Create a COVID-19 screening assessment question?
  • Create a pop-up message alerting you to active COVID-19 status when opening the patient chart?
  • Capture codes for telemedicine activity?
  • Alert clinic and monitor positive patients using Clinical Trials

Click here to find short guides on all of these and more.

New guides will continue to be released. All are free to download and implement in MOSAIQ.

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