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Elekta news October 2019

As the demand and ambition for SRS and SBRT grow, Elekta is dedicated to make advanced treatments more personalized, operationally efficient and accessible to all patients around the world.
Elekta continues to push the boundaries of stereotactic treatment and provide solutions that meet the clinical needs of today and tomorrow.

Leksell Gamma Knife Icon
Stereotactic dedication

The gold standard for intracranial SRS with the aim to deliver zero harm to healthy tissue, zero margin control for PTV to equal GTV, and zero delay same-day SRS treatment workflow. With Gamma Knife Icon, clinicians can perform single or fractionated, frame-based or frameless deliveries with online adaptive dose control for truly individualized treatments.  Operational efficiency is ensured with flexible and intuitive workflows enhanced by stereotactic CBCT imaging and fully automated treatment delivery.

Elekta Versa HD – HDRS
Stereotactic versatility
A versatile platform optimized to deliver High-definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS) throughout the body in standard treatment timeslots. Advanced imaging, marker-less motion management and dynamic delivery capabilities makes stereotactic treatment easy and comfortable for the patient. Deliver lung SBRT in less than 2 minutes and prostate SBRT with real-time soft-tissue monitoring in 90 seconds. With new Response Guided RT, adaptive features from the groundbreaking Elekta Unity platform, Versa HD – HDRS takes stereotactic versatility to the next level.

Elekta Unity
Stereotactic personalization
The world’s first high-field MR/RT solution brings adaptive Stereotactic RT to the next level. The combination of a next generation digital accelerator and a high field 1.5T MR imaging system enables hypofractionation for indications currently difficult or—even impossible—to treat. The advanced quantitative and qualitative imaging capabilities of Elekta Unity* enable true adaptive personalization—providing opportunities to adapt treatments in real-time and the potential to further optimize care plans based on treatment response.

*Elekta Unity is CE-marked and 510(k) cleared. Not available in all markets.

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