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RTSAFE NEWS December 2018

Hygeia Hospital Adopts RTsafe Technology to Enhance Patient-specific Safety in Brain Cancer Radiotherapy

RTsafe, a medical technology company focused on improving the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions, announced that Hygeia Hospital adopted RTsafe’s Personalized PseudoPatient™ technology to enhance patient safety in brain cancer radiotherapy.

Since 1970, Hygeia Hospital provides top-quality medical services in Greece and in Europe, and is among recognized leading institutions worldwide. Hygeia turned to RTsafe for its individualized approach to quality assurance which significantly enhances the safety and efficiency of radiotherapy for cancer, especially when advanced radiotherapy applications, such as stereotactic radiosurgery, are used.

Given the critical importance of accuracy in brain radiotherapy, Hygeia’s patients can now be reassured that their own treatment can be simulated and verified in a totally safe environment before they are exposed to radiation. The hospital has already used RTsafe’s technology to verify the radiation treatment plan of a number of pediatric and adult patients.

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