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1. Membership Renewal

Current members of the ISRS can renew their membership directly by paying their dues through the online payment system or by bank transfer.

Online payment: Renewing your membership is easy! You should go to the Member Login link in the main menu: click on either of the payment links below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please remember, your membership will not be activated until payment is received.


2. Become an ISRS member

If you have not previously registered to the ISRS, it is quick and easy to set it up. Click on the "Become an ISRS member" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the registration form has been successfully submitted, you will be able to login to your membership account and proceed with the payment of your fee by clicking on either of the payment links.

All membership applications are subject to verification by the membership committee. This process typically takes one week. In the unlikely event that membership is not approved, you will receive a full refund of your fee.

By clicking on the "Become an ISRS memberbutton, you confirm that

  • you have read and accept the information related to membership of the ISRS, as outlined in the Membership Information page on the website:
  • you accept that your email address may be published on the secure members’ only section of the ISRS website (for networking purposes among members)
  • you accept that your post address may be used to send you the hard copy of the ISRS journal       

3. Payment Modalities

Two payment modalities are available for new and old members:

1. Online payment
2. Bank transfer to USD/ EURO bank accounts

Online payment

Applications for membership can be made through online registration and payment by credit card. Using this quick and convenient method, an invoice will be generated and sent automatically to you right after payment and you will have immediate access to your membership account.

Bank transfer

The information on the transfer to USD/ EURO bank accounts is provided on the “Bank Transfer” page. 
Once ISRS receive the endorsement of the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your payment receipt

Please note that the Membership fee is $250 but, for the online payment, the amount will be debited in eurosThe conversion rate is updated daily from the Banque de France euro foreign exchange rates (based on the European Central Bank reference daily rates).

4. Membership information / Privacy notes

The ISRS membership database is used by the ISRS secretary to:

  • distribute the electronic version of the newsletter 
  • announce any relevant issue such as stereotactic radiosurgery related events to ISRS members
  • inform you of any forthcoming events and Congresses and advertise the services provided by ISRS or its main sponsors (including newsletters and occasional mailings or e- mailings by the ISRS)
  • verify eligibility for all members’ benefits
  • add your name, institution and email address in the list of members available in the secured “members only section” of the Society website
  • update the membership information

Individual members can always request to be removed from the distributed list in the database or not to receive any bulk electronic information. In order to do so, please edit your profile on the ISRS website/membership section.

Membership expenses may be tax deductible (depending on your country of residence). A receipt will be issued and sent to your e-mail or postal address. Please feel free to contact the ISRS Secretariat at for any additional information you may require regarding membership.