Working Groups


The ISRS Working Group on Prostate Radiosurgery was created during the Educational Course held in Kuopio, Finland on November 1-3, 2018 with the goal of clarifying the role of SBRT in the treatment of prostate cancer utilizing a multicenter registry which has been developed in collaboration with Riga Stradins University Laboratory of Statistics.

Currently this Group incorporates 5 participating centers (Gliwice, Kaunas, Kuopio, Sigulda, St. Petersburg), and welcomes the participation of other interested colleagues who wish to submit data and collaborate. Every participant who shares their data will be included in publications based on these data.  Data are currently being collected for intermediate, unfavorable and high-risk prostate cancer treated with SBRT in up to 5 fractions.

To join the group or for further information,  please contact ISRS Prostate Cancer Working Group coordinator Dr. Maris Mezeckis, Radiation Oncologist from Sigulda Radiosurgery Center, Sigulda, Latvia (

If you are interested in coordinating other indication-specific working groups, please contact the ISRS Secretariat.